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Tatiana Cooke - Instructor

During my 10+ years as a Senior Salesforce leader, I have held successful tenures as a Senior Salesforce Consultant and Program Manager at Accenture Federal, CGI, and  Solutions Engineer for nationally recognized digital agencies.

As the spouse of a Active Duty Air Force and Army veteran, I have been a tremendous advocate for military veterans and their families. I am passionate in supporting the professional and personal development of others as well as supporting the economic development by helping companies leverage Salesforce.

I am a proud momma of 2 beautiful children, the wife to my dream man, and the CEO/founder of Cloud Scouts- we built our dreams – on our own terms.

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I went from making $32,000 a year at a job with no prospects to making almost $90,000+ figures, working remotely and getting stock options from the company that hired me!
Dorian Casswell


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February 7th – February 24th

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