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Salesforce Consulting is a course based on the book, The Salesforce Consultant’s Guide

Learners do not need prior Salesforce experience and will learn the art and science of Salesforce Consulting. From common project roles to the parts of a project, you will learn what Salesforce Consultant do day to day. Other topics include project archetypes, the stages of team development and how to use the Agile framework to create norming structures for your team. Plus, you will receive a list of curated resources from experts in the Salesforce ecosystem, so you can always stay abreast of your area of interest.


Basics of an SF Consultant and Digital Workplace Skills


Day in the Life of a Consultant (Parts of a project: Software Development Lifecycle Framework, Ramp, Build, Demos, User Acceptance Testing, Deployment and Training)


Client Management (How to identify patterns on a project with Archetype Identification, things to Watch out for and tools to Manage Problems


Emotional Intelligence: (Introduction to Team Development Stages,Norming Structures: Storming Exercise, How to use Agile to create norms with: the Definition of Ready and Definition of Done, Critical Thinking, Human Thinking Skills versus Machine tasks, Higher Order Thinking: Bloom’s Taxonomy

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