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Hey there, Tatiana here…

Almost 5 years ago, I launched Cloud Scouts to help those motivated for more develop their career by empowering them with Salesforce Administrator Skills and certifications. As a military spouse myself, I experienced difficulties in staying in a career physically for longer years as we were always moving. When I found Salesforce, I wanted to share it to people. I want to empower others with those same skills.

As a result, I’ve helped hundreds of people join Cloud Scouts and helped prepare them for a career in Salesforce and certification attainment.

I am here to tell you, most of my students had ZERO knowledge about Salesforce and what a career as a Salesforce Administrator entailes. But we gave them the skills that helped them get certified.. ?

I realized that my passion was not just to make a career in Salesforce accessible to everyone,


to bring tremendous success to those who took part in the challenge generating dozens upon dozens of success stories.

A Salesforce certification speaks for itself. Its a hard skill that no one can take away from you. Once you have the certification on your LinkedIn you will never have to apply for a job again. Recruiters will be knocking on your messenger and email with ENDLESS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. 

See what my students have to say..


I earned my Salesforce certification last Thursday. Thank you for all your instruction, support and other resources.

Leslie Wightman


Cohorts on Cloudscouts was a game-changer for me with the Salesforce Administration, I passed my certification exam on the first try..

JD Ohara

I am really grateful for your devotion to producing a quality program. I’m enjoying the joy of learning from an expert, with real-life experience, that is actually weaving intangible meaning into each of the salesforce concepts..

Linda Kayllr

How many of you can relate to one of these two scenarios:

You are burned out in your corporate job and your salary is not enough to pay your bills


You’re just found out about a career in Salesforce but you have no idea how to get started and are confused and overwhelmed which is leading to procrastination.

Well, we’re going to put an end to all of this, right here right now – without wasting any more time.

I know your time is valuable, and I promise not to waste it.

So let me get straight to the point.


Reading a paragraph about “Salesforce”  is simple.

(Not easy but definitely simple)

It’s not rocket science.

In fact, we have a simple 3 steps strategy to get you started.

STEP 1: Identify a specific Salesforce Career you’d like to specialize (E.g. Salesforce Administrator)

STEP 2: Join a Community who is on the same page as you or join a cohort that will sharpen your exam skills

STEP 3: Show up. Consistently. EVERY DAY. Even just 30 mins- 1 hour. It helps.

And if you can follow those 3 STEPS, you can take your career to new heights and endless possibilities!

Now, you’re probably thinking…

“There’s gotta be more to it than that…”

The truth?

That’s all there really is to it.

In fact, if you already know (and do) those three steps by heart… you can close this page right now.

I’m serious.

Because there’s a good chance you’re already doing well on your own and you don’t need my help.


Most aspiring WFH Salesforce WANNA- BE get confused how to do STEP 1 let alone all three.

Which is why we created…

Remember the Webinar I did at the beginning of this letter?

Well, not only did we update the strategies, hacks, and daily tasks to get you Salesforce certified faster..

We also made it affordable for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the original price.




For less than $16 Dollars a day,

You can now start your Remote Career goals in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it alone.

Others have paid more than USD 2000 for some of the information inside this 3 WEEK  program
But you’re getting them for only…..



You have a week to give this a try. If at any point you feel that this was not worth your investment, just send us a quick email and we’ll give you back a no-questions asked, hassle-free, 100% full refund.

In fact, I demand that you ask for a refund.

I don’t want your money if you don’t think you got at least 10 times the value of what you paid.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what your motivation will be for joining.

Maybe you just want to have the peace of mind and not be worried about where you’re going to get a client to pay for next month’s bills.

Or maybe you’re an overachiever and you want to get as many clients as you want as you scale your freelance business to the moon…

It’s your choice.

You already know it’s possible.

You’ve seen it happen for our members.

You saw how ordinary people are now living extraordinary lives using that very same strategies which you’re about to discover inside this program.

The only question is…

Will you let us help you get there?


Q: Will this courses prepare me for the certification exams?

A: The training is intended to help you prepare for the Admin certification. It will give you a comprehensive overview of the cloud, and standard configuration tools, and the last week we go thru exam questions as a cohort to start getting familiar with the material and delivery of the certification.

Q. How can I start preparing before your course?

Besides the virtual course what should we expect?
A: The virtual course includes a comprehensive workbook with the MINIMAL amount of review you need to succeed. This also includes 2 Practice Tests and 3 Office Hours to help with questions outside the course material

Q: What format will be used for the LIVE training?

A: The webinars are being delivered via Zoom. You will be sent an invite to your email that will be added to the calendar. This counts as your registration, and you are good to go!

Q: Do you provide Resume and Interview Services?

A: If you would like Resume or Interview support you can schedule time on my calendar for an additional fee.

Q: I'm ready to schedule my exam! What are my testing options?

A: Get certified Online or at a Testing Center near you!

You can take your exam online or at one of our many testing centers around the world. Exam sessions are available daily, putting you in control of the date and place you want to take your exam.

For more information on scheduling exams, check out this article in Trailhead. *We are closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus COVID-19 situation and our number one priority is your safety, health, and well-being. Please see this article for more information on how this could affect your exam

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