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September 12th-29th 2022

By the end of this Marketing Administrator and Email Specialist certification training, you will be able to:

Have Digital Marketing Proficiency on different fields such as:

Governance and compliance in relation to digital marketing, security best practices for data, permissions, and PII and marketing Cloud product inventory and product offerings.

Subscriber Data Management such as :

Given a scenario, describe the contact model, evaluate data quality and Explain preference and profile center concepts.

Setup skills:

Implement the configuration of business units, users/permissions, and security/passwords, determine how to configure integrations, describe the features in Setup Home, and describe Marketing Cloud extension products.

Channel Management:

Describe the configuration of Mobile Studio, Email Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio and explain the concepts and typical use cases of Journey Builder.


Describe solutions for data extraction and report generation, monitor a Marketing Cloud account and provide system availability and evaluate the benefits of additional Marketing Cloud products.

Ajeet Kushwaha


Marketing Administrator and Email Specialist Coach

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