My name is Tataina B. Cooke, I am a career coach, Salesforce consultant and CEO of Cloud Scouts. Before I started Cloud Scouts, I worked with different tech companies such as Dell, NASA, Accenture Federal, etc. I am on a mission to teach individuals how to uncover the magic of a career in IT by leveraging Salesforce Certifications while having fun doing it! 

I got my first certification in February 2014, and have been helping others get certified ever since. I’m now living my own career fantasy, working remotely, teaching others (my greatest passion)…how to use the Salesforce platform to achieve work-life balance and financial results. 

How awesome is that?


I now teach 300+ students inside Cloud Scouts to do the same, with our finish line hitting 6-figures a month. With minimal trailheads, I’d confidently say 85% of my students are getting clients after finishing the course, following AND applying the things I teach inside the program.

I learned this all the hard way, and you don’t have to. I created a program that can guide you every step of the way. I am offering a free consultation call, click the link below and let’s talk about transforming your dream career in Salesforce!


This program is right for you if..

  • You’re ready to stop working long hours as an employee in the corporate setting and stop sacrificing your health or time with your family just to earn more…
  • You’d like to travel the world and enjoy your money without having to worry about “going back to reality” after a short vacation…
  • You’re ready to break out of the low income bracket and finally be able to buy what you and your family need and want without having to worry about how much things cost…

This program is NOT right for you if..

  • You can’t spend even 1-2 hours a day of studying.
  • You easily give up on small, necessary obstacles.
  • You’re the type of person who likes everything to be easy and you’re ready to just make money, but not willing to work hard.
  • You complain a lot or have a bad attitude (our community is results and solutions-oriented, we lift each other up and never bring each other down).

Cloudscouts Courses are Structured Intelligently So You Get Fast, Lasting Results Without Being Overwhelmed or Frustrated!



You’re probably asking, 

“Is there a step by step process or a roadmap that I can follow to ensure that I am on the right path?”

Well, I'm glad you asked... You are in for such a treat!

Here's our step by step process when you work with us:

Courses we Offer

By the end of this Salesforce Admin certification training, you will be able to:

  • Configure and manage Sales and Service Clouds
  • Gain insights into the roles of each of the functional user groups (inside sales, outside sales, marketing, customer support and management).
  • Implement automation, security, debugging, data validation, and customize apps
  • Configure the user interface.
  • Acquire the full skillsets needed to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification exam on your first attempt.
Administrator Course
In this particular course you will be able to successfully design and implement maintainable and scalable Sales Cloud solutions that meet customer business requirements, and contribute to long-term customer success.

By the end of this Marketing Administrator and Email Specialist certification training, you will be able to:   

  • Have Digital Marketing Proficiency on different fields such as: Governance and compliance in relation to digital marketing, security best practices for data, permissions, and PII and marketing Cloud product inventory and product offerings.
  • Subscriber Data Management such as : Given a scenario, describe the contact model, evaluate data quality and Explain preference and profile center concepts.
  • Setup skills: Implement the configuration of business units, users/permissions, and security/passwords, determine how to configure integrations, describe the features in Setup Home, describe Marketing Cloud extension products.
  • Channel Management: describe the configuration of Mobile Studio, Email Studio,SocialStudio,advertising Studio and explain the concepts and typical use cases of Journey Builder.
  • Maintenance: Describe solutions for data extraction and report generation, monitor a Marketing Cloud account and provide system availability and evaluate benefits of additional Marketing Cloud products.
Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce Consulting is a course based on the book, The Salesforce Consultant’s Guide, taught by author,Heather Negley. Learners do not need prior Salesforce experience and will learn the art and science of Salesforce Consulting.

From common project roles to the parts of a project, you will learn what Salesforce Consultant do day to day. Other topics include project archetypes, the stages of team development and how to use the Agile framework to create norming structures for your team. Plus, you will receive a list of curated resources from experts in the Salesforce ecosystem, so you can always stay abreast of your area of interest.

By the end of this Pardot Specialist certification training, you will be able to:

  • Configure and manage Pardot and its connection with the Salesforce CRM
  • Gain insights into the roles of each of the functional user groups (sales, marketing, and management)
  • Implement marketing automation, lead scoring and grading, data validation, and engagement programs
  • Administer the marketing environment and users
  • Acquire the full skillets needed to pass the Marketing Account Engagement (Pardot) Certification exam on your first attempt.


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