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Day 9: Journey Builder for Transactional Send, SmartCapture Forms on cloudpage

Ajeet March 12, 2022

Supporting Materials 

·        Cloud Page 1 – Video

·        Cloud Page 2 – Video

Power Up with Trailhead

·        Landing Page in Web Studio – Article

Demo on Transactional Send Email Journeys from Journey Builder:

  1. Navigate to Journey Builder -> New Journey, and you will see Waah! you got a new feature as below.
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2. Give a name to the journey say, ‘Demo – Order Confirmation Email’ and select the Transactional Send Journey. And here you go soo simple but very very effectively useful Journey design is ready and just need to be configured (in a matter of few minutes)

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3. Click on the Transactional API Event and type in a unique external API key [Event Definition Key] which you need to pass on to your team, which manage your company website. In order to hit this event when the ORDER is placed on your website or any external Web application.

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Additionally, if you wish to log your can select a DataExtension created via template.

4. Finally, configure the Email activity, by selecting the appropriate email. And click on Save and Activate the Journey. Ta-daaa you are done setting up in a matter of few mins!

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TESTING your Transactinal API Event

You can easily trigger a test email and test using the POSTMAN as below,

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Transactional Messaging Send Email to a single recepient https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.mc-apis.meta/mc-apis/sendMessageSingleRecipient.htm

Additionally, if you wish to check the status of the email as well, then by using the messageKey from previous step you can verify as below.

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Get Message Send Status for Recipient

My observations:

1) You CANNOT see the tracking details of the email status from Email studio > Tracking > Sends.

But you can view under Contact builder as below,

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However, if you would still get the tracking of a larger audience, then you can get via either shown above via REST method. Or you can find it using Data Views [_SENT, _OPEN etc]

2) A new contact will be created (if a subscriber is already not present).

Also, not that as in TSD [Triggered Send Definition] he will not be stored under a hidden list. Instead he will be accessible in All contacts as well as AllSubscriber list.

Refer Subscriber Type here.

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Use a Smart Capture Form as a Journey Builder Entry Event

You can use CloudPages smart capture forms as a Journey Builder Entry Event.

You can build these forms using the classic or Content Builder editor in:

  • Landing pages
  • Microsites
  • MobilePush Page

Use this feature if you have Journey Builder and CloudPages. Contact your Relationship Manager if you do not have both apps.

To fire customers into a journey, Smart Capture data must be stored in a data extension. The data extension used to collect customers who click Smart Capture forms is known as the Event Source data extension. It is used as the source from which contacts are injected into a Journey Builder journey.

Event Source data extensions must be sendable.